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Nur is the material manifestation of a collective will to unite user, dwelling and ecosystem. It represents a holistic approach to imbue architecture with a keen awareness and acknowledgment of the connectivity between flora, fauna and cosmic life, with the objective of creating a space that fosters and nurtures the introspective insight of oneness.


Designed to be  easily machine-fabricated and assembled off-site, Nur is ultimately an eco-perceptive timber construction, equipped with a potable water storage and a composting toilet. The form and structure are guided by the aspiration to coalesce the man-made and the organic. Clad in bark shingles and suspended above the forest floor via a cable structure anchored to posts cleverly embedded amongst the up-stretched trunks, the cabin seeks to reduce its footprint and is camouflaged against the backdrop and morphology of the forest foliage. Siultaneously, it is unmistakable with a gravity-defying presence, levitating in space, elevating its user up amongst he canopy as they seek to attain a state of higher consciousness. Stretching even further above the canopy, the cabin is crowned by an assemblage of shafts, their tectonics informed by the specific functions they cater to within the cabin, drawing in light and serving as the building’s lungs. The light shafts pay homage to the ethos of Lativian mysticism and are positioned to honor the sun as it reaches its sacred milestones each year - the solstices and equinoxes. This gesture is mirrored at night as the cabin appears torch-like, illuminating the thick dark of the forest by fire light as one patiently awaits the dawn. 


Hospitality & Recreation


Riga, Latvia



Honorable mention




15 sqm


studiovol & Studio Alibai

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