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HAUS 757

HAUS 757, is a single family residential project for a young couple in souther Ontario. The project was designed with passive design methodologies in mind placing all utilitarian spaces along the north façade to minimize openings and reduce the heating load in the winter. The openings to the south/southeast provide opportunities for ample heat gains throughout the winter, whilst the overhang of the second floor reduces the direct sunlight during the summer and protects form overheating. The load bearing exterior walls are constructed out of concrete stabilized insulated rammed earth, CSIRE walls. CSIRE walls are a natural environmentally sound construction material utilizing local soils grounding the project in its time and place.  CSIRE walls aside from being beautiful provide, superior thermal mass, control interior humidity levels, are low maintenance and extremely durable. As a primary home for the clients this project embodies and expresses, effi cient space management, environmentally sustainable energy initiatives, pet friendly environment and smart technology capabilities. 




Ontario, Canada


Under Construction 


2020 - 


450 sqm



Blackwell Engineers

Zon Engineers 


Evolve Builders

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