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The proposal is envisioned as a collective, a family of structures carefully embedded in the Barreira hillside, framing and carving from the topography a series of exterior terraces. Accessible by foot, wheelchair, bike and car, the project investigates notions of private vs public realm and is ultimately positioned as a communal amenity with varying degrees of public occupancy rather than a private experience & dwelling.


The project’s moniker- Galheta, is from the Portuguese denoting an olive oil vessel, this is evocative of the Verde family business but also representative of the spatial gesture of the project as it flows down the landscape. Crowning the project is the Orchard, an untamed pasture that hosts an olive grove. This space is an unannounced point of arrival that also functions as a communal park for the Freguesia of Barreira. A level below is the Yard, a paved terrace and formal gateway of the project. This terrace is flanked by the bulk of the event program spaces and the meditation pavilion. It features a gathering stoop and production herb & vegetable garden. At the base of the project is the Forecourt, a descent into a semi-private patio adjacent the living quarters of the guests.


The material palette is simple and grounded in its context utilizing locally sourced, recycled terracotta shingles, concrete blocks, carbon neutral concrete and calçada portuguesa pavers.  




Barreira (Leiria) Portugal



Honorable mention




300 sqm



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