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Founded on the predilection that design is the eternal muse, we are inherently advocates of innovative well-crafted design. Studiovol is a practice engaged in architecture, material research, and industrial design. We are committed to the creation of alternative and environmentally resilient constructs that utilize site specific authentic materials that aim to contextually ground our buildings and evoke phenomenological resonance with the place and people they engage. 

Studiovol is licensed to practice architecture in Ontario (Canada) and Baden-Württemberg (Germany).  

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Verena H. Ojo


Verena is an internationally trained professional with more than eight years of experience working in offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. She holds a Master Dipl. Ing. in Architecture from the University of Stuttgart and possess a strong knowledge of building assemblies and alternative building materials. Her strong interest in sustainable construction methodologies lead her to become a Certified Passive House Designer.

Her current research interests are focused on the confluence of affordable housing, efficient construction, and the promise of resilient cities


Otto O. Ojo


Otto Ojo is an architect and educator. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies with a specialization in urban design from the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto, where he focused on the provision of housing through the embodiment of biomimetic principles whilst leveraging vernacular construction methodologies. He has practiced at number of award-winning architecture firms in Canada and Spain.

His current research interests are at the confluence of design agency and equity; the conscious effort through the sculpting of the shared built environment to address and realign, perspectives, social injustice, and the proliferation of cultural bias.



The needs of every client are bespoke and curated by their past experiences. When faced with a design challenge we first question repeatedly, to seep past the surface level insight. We cut through the static and read between the lines to ascertain the essence of each project. In drawing out the parameters, the aspirations, and limitations, we upturn the design challenge and in doing so manifest a provocative, distinctive and optimized proposal for each project.

Architectural Services 

  • Residential 

  • Commercial & Hospitality 

Visualization, Branding & Graphic design 

  • Project Visualization and Rendering 

  • Identity & Branding Design 

  • Educational and Community oriented spaces 

  • Passive House

  • New construction 

Industrial Design 

  • Prototyping and fabrication 

  • Deep energy retrofit for existing

  • Feasibility studies & regulatory review 

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